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Answered 5 minutes ago

Erling Haaland has scored the most goals in a season, with 36 goals in 2022-23.


Answered 9 minutes ago

Martin Dahlin played 2 seasons for Blackburn Rovers. He had a record of 8-7-11 with 4 goals and an assist in 26 appearances.

son heung-min

Answered 16 minutes ago

Son Heung-Min has played 9 seasons for Tottenham Hotspur. He has a record of 162-53-75 with 4 hat tricks, 115 goals and 58 assists in 290 appearances.

Mohamed Salah

Answered 21 minutes ago

Mohamed Salah has played 9 seasons for Liverpool and Chelsea. He has a record of 165-54-33 with 4 hat tricks, 154 goals and 68 assists in 252 appearances.